PyroPlanter - Bioluminescent Algae

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PyroPlanter - Bioluminescent Algae

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Add some living light to your space with a custom centerpiece vase of PyroDinos.

Glow Pant Inc., working with PyroFarms and Vunder Brands proudly present a beautiful display of natural living light!

"The PyroPlanter is a unique home décor piece that offers a beautiful display of natural light at night."

PyroDinos are bioluminescent marine phytoplankton (Algae) classified as Pyrocystis fusiformis (aka Dinoflagellates). PyroDinos use light to grow (like a plant) and glow blue at night when disturbed. They grow and perform their best when DinoNutrients are periodically added. 


The natural light produced by this algae is called Bioluminescence. PyroDinos will only light up at night, in the dark when gently swirled or shaken. Enjoy them in the spout pouch or our provided custom glass vase.

Do not drink PyroDinos! They are non-toxic but live in seawater which is not digestible.

This package includes:

  • 400ml PyroPlanter Glass Vase 
  • 200ml PyroDino Spout Pouch 
  • 280ml DinoNutrient Spout Pouch 
  • 1 x Glow Plant - Tillandsia Ionantha
  • Basic Instructions

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