Glow Plants:

Q: Does the glowing nanoparticle compound harm the plant?

A: Our specially tailored solution has minimal interference with plant growth, health, reproduction and photosynthesis. 

Q: How long do Glow Plants... glow?

A: Our synthesized nanoparticle glow lasts years in proper conditions. The coating on our plants produces a phosphorescent reaction. It absorbs UV and converts this energy to visible light with a slow release or "decay" time. This differs from conventional fluorescent reactions which require the constant use of a black light or UV light to sustain their glow. Our plants truly glow in the dark!

It will glow whenever exposed to darkness, each and every night. The glow lasts for the following timeframes: 

⌬ 5-10 minutes - Superluminous stage: Glows at full intensity brightness
⌬ 1 hour - Sustained radiance stage: Glow recedes to a still visible luminescence
⌬ 3 hours - Waning stage: Dissipating to a state of marginal or zero visibility


    Q: Do the Glow Plant nanoparticles ever stop glowing?

    A: The nanoparticle composite in question will inevitably undergo luminescence decay within a temporal window of approximately 5 to 7 years. Notably, this composite comprises non-toxic constituents and, following its functional lifespan, will biodegrade organically over time. 

    Q: Can the glowing compound be applied to other plants?

    A: Regrettably, our extant nanoparticle composite was exclusively formulated to suit the requirements of tillandsias (air plants) and, as such, cannot be extrapolated to other flora. The distinctive physiological and ecological characteristics inherent to each plant species necessitate bespoke solutions for optimal efficacy.

    Glow Plant is presently engaged in the systematic development of diverse compounds tailored for optimal efficacy across a diverse range of plant species, specifically those classified within the botanical families Gramineae, Arecaceae, Orchidaceae, and Asphodelaceae. 

    Q: Can I put my Glow Plant outside?

    A: For optimal growth and development, it is recommended to maintain Glow Plants in indoor environments that offer adequate, indirect sunlight and controlled atmospheric conditions. Though they can be transported outdoors for limited periods, it is important to note that their tropical nature renders them ill-suited to survive temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius.

    Q: How long do Glow Plants typically live?

    A: With elevated care, Glow Plants can live for several years. They're relatively low-maintenance and make a great addition to any indoor garden. 

    Q: When can we expect the availability of genetically engineered luminescent plants?

    A: The precise timeframe for the commercial release of artificially engineered luminescent botanicals is presently undetermined, as it necessitates the completion of extensive field trials and regulatory protocols to ensure their safe and effective commercialization. Thus, until these prerequisites have been met, the prospects of their accessibility remain inconclusive.


    Check out our Care Guide for more detailed care information. 

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