Glow Plants:


Q: How long do Glow Plants... glow?

A: Our synthesized nanoparticle glow lasts years in proper conditions. The coating on our plants will glow for up to 3 hours in complete darkness when briefly exposed to UV light for 1-15 seconds. This effect will not fade for 5+ years so you can enjoy every night. 


Q: What is Glow Plant Inc.? 

A: Glow Plant Inc. is a leading provider of innovative glowing plants. We use cutting-edge engineering and material science to create plants that glow without the need for genetic modification.


Q: Are Glow Plants safe? 

A: Yes, our Glow Plants are designed to be non-toxic meaning they are safe for humans. *Limited to no testing has been done on extraterrestrials.. 


Check out our Care Guide for more detailed care information. 

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