Glow Plant Care Guide

💧⌬ Water 

  • Water your Glow Plants once per week. Place them face down in a bowl of room temperature water. Filtered water or rain water is best but tap water is also fine if left to sit overnight.
  • Soak for 15-30 minutes and gently shake off excess water. Ensure the plants receive adequate air circulation while drying. Air plants with sitting water in the base will rot and die. 
  • Optional: Mist with a specialized air plant fertilizer periodically. Fertilizer is not required but can help with overall plant health.

☁️⌬ Humidity 

  • Tillandsias enjoy relatively high humidity of 60-80%.
  • Different species will have varying requirements. Tillandsia Ionanthas enjoy high humidity while Tectorums prefer dry arid environments. 
  • You can mist your plant a few times a week to ensure adequate humidity. This is not required but is recommended for optimal plant health. 

🌤️⌬ Light 

  • Glow Plants require a few hours each day of bright indirect sunlight. Place them near an east or west facing window.
  • They will also thrive under indoor fluorescent/office lighting or artificial LED plant grow lights. Provide at least 8 hours of daily light. 

🌡️⌬ Temperature 

  • Glow Plants are a tropical epiphytic plant. They enjoy moderate temperatures around 25°C. They can handle hotter conditions but may require more frequent watering.
  • Since they are a tropical plant, the surrounding temperature should not fall below 10°C. 
  • We provide temperature controlled shipping during the winter season so your plants arrive healthy and happy. 

🪴⌬ Substrate 

  • Do not plant Glow Plants in soil. They are Epiphytes meaning they do not require soil to grow. They gather their nutrients directly from their leaves. They can grow roots which are primarily used for attaching to an object instead of gathering water. 
  • Globes and Terrariums make excellent Glow Plant displays. Be sure to let your Glow Plant fully dry out before placing it back in the terrarium (3-4 hours).
  • Check out our PyroPlanter for a unique and visually captivating display of living light. 

🐾⌬ Pets 

  • You can feel comfortable having this plant around your home in the potential case where your pet feels like playing with it. The plants themselves are safe for pets and the nanoparticle compound applied to them is also safe for handling.