⌬ Since 2019 we have been the original and world's first Glowing Plant producer that provides an outstanding visual display at night!

Glow Plants produce light by means of a natural chemical reaction which occurs in a silica coated photoluminescent compound applied directly to the leaves. The compound is non toxic and has minimal interference with the plants natural growth or photosynthesis processes meaning it allows the plant to grow, breathe and absorb water. 

It's a non-toxic compound synthesized to be safe for plants, humans and pets. Made from simple ingredients — and it's water-based. Still, don't eat it as it contains ingredients that are not harmful, but not digestible.

The synthesized compound applied to our plants produces a phosphorescent photo-luminescent reaction meaning it absorbs UV light and converts this energy to visible light with a slow release or "decay" time (it absorbs energy faster than it releases it). This is what gives our plants their long lasting glow. 

Founded in 2019 by one very eccentric dreamer, Glow Plant Inc. holds a strategic position in the newly emerging industry of bioluminescent plants and sustainable lighting systems. Our goal is to reduce artificial electric light and our mission is environmental sustainability.

Invest in a brighter future with us!

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