Welcome to Glow Plant Inc., where we bring natural light into your home and inspire you with the wonders of nature and science. We offer a wide range of products, from naturally occurring bioluminescence to genetically modified specimens designed to glow, and even non-GMO glowing plants! 

"Making the world a little brighter, one plant at a time."

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We are an environmentally friendly company founded in 2019 which holds a long-term strategic position in developing innovative sustainable biological lighting solutions. Our most popular signature products, Glow Plants are created through non-GMO means by carefully coating the plant foliage in a synthesized glowing nanoparticle compound. This scientific breakthrough compound forms a special matrix which allows the plants to receive their nutrients from the sun, breathe and absorb water. It has a minimal impact on the plants and surrounding environment and is eco-friendly and water based.

Our mission is environmental sustainability. We work closely with Canadian regulators such as CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency), Environment Canada, and Health Canada to ensure our current products along with future products and ongoing research meet their guidelines and requirements.


James Wight, Founder & CEO


Glow Plant is a pioneer in the field of biological lighting, using plant-safe nanoparticles to create luminous plants. The technology was developed by James Wight, who started his research in his home laboratory in 2016. Despite the high costs and challenges, he achieved a remarkable breakthrough that led to the establishment of Glow Plant as a company in 2019. Based in Toronto, Canada, Glow Plant operates a full in-house supply chain, with facilities for research, production, storage, and cultivation. Glow Plant is a well positioned leader in the biological lighting space, offering a sustainable and enchanting alternative to conventional lighting.

Research and Development

Check out our Projects page for more detailed information on what we are working on and what our most current projected timelines look like.


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