Pyro Dino Shipping & Delivery

After delivery:

  • It is OK to leave the PyroDinos in their white Spout Pouch for 1 month after delivery. PyroDinos have enough resources in the pouch to sustain them for 4 weeks. PyroDinos will require daily lighting (low to moderate room lighting), 8- 12 hours a day. Loosen cap once a week to allow for some air-exchange.
  • Use our sterile, clear glass vase to pour your PyroDinos into. It will allow optimal conditions for them to grow. Every one or two weeks, add small amounts of DinoNutrients (10 to 20%) of total volume.
  • PyroDino care instructions may be found online at PyroFarms HERE.
  • PyroPlanter care instructions may be found online HERE.
  • Glow Plant care instructions may be found online HERE.


  • It is recommended to open the shipping box within 24 hours of arrival. These little plankton need light! PyroDinos will not survive more than 5 or 6 consecutive days without adequate light.
  • Live PyroDino Orders are shipped every Monday to prevent weekend delays in shipping. Tracking will be provided once shipped.
  • Shipments to regions experiencing extreme temperatures may be held until moderate temperatures prevail. Extremes: over 35C or under 3C.
  • Winter months require temperature controlled shipping and costs are adjusted accordingly. 
  • Shipping rates on our PyroDino products are 20% higher on average than our other products (Glow Plants) due to the weight of shipping water and glass. 

*Import duties and taxes are INCLUDED in total product price.*