Politique d'expédition


Where do you ship?

Glow Plant Inc. currently only ships across Canada and the United States.

We ship orders Monday to Friday


How much is shipping?

Local Shipping - GTA
Base Price: $10.00
Standard Shipping - Canada
Base Price: $20.00
Standard Shipping - United States
Base Price: $40.00

*Above rates are subject to order value and weight*
*Custom / wholesale orders excluded*

Priority Shipping will be used for all wholesale / bulk orders. This includes an insulated package, priority shipping and higher internal priority with fulfilment times.

How long will it take?

Shipping estimates are provided at checkout and are regularly updated by the carriers.

Shipping estimates:

Please note we do require 2 business days to process orders before shipping. For some international destinations we require up to two weeks to process and prepare orders.


Do you ship internationally?

Glow Plant currently ships within Canada and the United States but we have plans to expand to new markets. 


When do my plants ship?

We ship orders every Monday in the winter, and Monday to Friday during the summer.

US orders may take up to 1 week to process US orders as they require special phytosanitary export documentation and inspections.


Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Currently, we are not shipping orders to PO Boxes. This is to ensure that your orders arrive safely during the winter months! We suggest signing up for Flex Delivery with Canada Post, where you can select a pickup post office to keep your package safe! You can sign up for Canada Post Flex Delivery at www.canadapost.ca/flexdelivery. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at glowplantinc@gmail.com


How do you package them?

All orders are hand-packed for their trip to your home. We will place them in a bed of recycled eco friendly paper and may choose to wrap them individually. This protects them from both the weather & damage in the case of rough handling.

When you receive your package, make sure to unwrap them immediately. Get them some sunlight & a tiny spritz of water if necessary. 


Order Processing:

Please allow 1-2 business days for your order to be processed. You will receive an order confirmation email immediately after purchase and a shipment tracking email when our staff have printed the shipping label. You may track your shipment and check the scheduled shipping date with the tracking link provided.


International Orders:

International orders including the US have a processing and shipping time of approximately 2 weeks due to Canadian export regulations and phytosanitary inspections and certifications.

International customers are responsible to pay for any and all duties and taxes associated with the order. Duties and taxes are determined by local customs and/or port authorities of the destination country. 

Glow Plant Inc shall not be held responsible for any carriage or import related delays or damages. This includes: 

  1. Weather conditions: Poor weather conditions such as heavy snow, rain, fog, or wind can cause delays in transportation, particularly for air and ground shipments. 
  2. Technical issues: Technical difficulties with aircraft or vehicles, such as mechanical failures, can cause delays in transit.
  3. Capacity constraints: During peak shipping periods, such as holiday seasons, carriers may have difficulty keeping up with the high volume of packages, which can lead to delays. 
  4. Customs and border control: International shipments may be delayed due to customs inspections, border control, and other regulatory processes including entry rejection. 
  5. Route changes: Changes in the planned delivery route due to road closures, accidents, or construction can also cause delays. 
  6. Missing or incorrect documentation: Delays may occur if there is missing or incorrect documentation, such as shipping labels, customs paperwork, or bills of lading. 
  7. Security issues: In some cases, packages may be delayed due to security concerns, such as suspicious packages or potential threats. 
  8. Strikes or labor disputes: Strikes or labor disputes by carrier employees or transportation workers can also cause delays.
  9. Holidays and weekends: Carriers may have reduced operating hours or close for holidays and weekends, leading to shipping delays. 
  10. Pandemics or other health crises: Public health emergencies may impact carrier operations and result in delays or disruptions to transportation services. 

Glow Plant Inc's international shipments of live plants are the buyer's or customers responsibility to clear and release with local customs or port authorities. Glow Plant Inc shall provide Phytosanitary Certificate(s), Commercial invoice(s), Packing List(s), and Bills of Lading which are necessary for export and import.