Glow Plants:

Q: Does the glowing nanoparticle compound harm the plant?

A: Our specially tailored solution has minimal interference with plant growth, health, reproduction and photosynthesis. 


Q: How long do Glow Plants... glow?

A: Our synthesized nanoparticle glow lasts years in proper conditions. The coating on our plants will glow for up to 3 hours in complete darkness when briefly exposed to UV light for 1-15 seconds.


Q: What is Glow Plant Inc.? 

A: Glow Plant Inc. is a leading provider of innovative bioluminescent plants. We use cutting-edge engineering and material science to create plants that glow without the need for genetic modification.


Q: Are Glow Plants safe for the environment? 

A: Yes, our Glow Plants are designed to be environmentally friendly. We adhere to strict safety and ethical guidelines in our development processes to ensure minimal impact on ecosystems. 


Check out our Care Guide for more detailed care information. 

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