Investor Relations


Glow Plant Inc. is an innovative biotechnology company focused on delivering a diversified, long-term revenue stream to our shareholders through the creation of a diverse portfolio of marketed products, as well as licensing and white label agreement opportunities. Our core focus is low-cost research and development implemented practices and deployment of high-potential products. 

Our vision is to become a leader in sustainable lighting and our mission is environmental sustainability and protection. Yes that's right! We create sustainable systems with sustainable practices!

We follow regulations from CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency), Environment Canada, and Heath Canada to ensure our current products and ongoing research and development meet their guidelines and regulations. Security and safety in the laboratory are a large part of our focus to ensure a safe and compliant use of these advanced technologies. 

Our laboratory is expanding and would benefit from additional capital structure. We operate under a strictly developed low cost business model developed specifically for this business at this current time. The majority of our initial budget is to be spent on equipment and R&D since our production costs are significantly low. Glow Plant Inc has established clear goals to work with Government agencies both municipal and federal to apply for grants and utilize the various innovative funding opportunities available. 

Our product line is also consistently expanding. Introducing new, novel, high-potential products to our clients regularly while simultaneously expanding into new niche markets. 

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